Financial Modeling With Decision Making

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The investment out of 2, 50,000 GBP on shares has been recorded on spreadsheet and this enables the user to calculate the returns or losses through the transactions. The amount deposited in high interest account is not displayed in spread sheet to differentiate the money invested on shares and that is deposited in the high interest account.


The details of shares with above details are given in separate units for each company.
In the spread sheet used in this case the shares purchased are regarding the companies Glaxosmithkline, B.SKY.B, Busuiness Post Group, Abbey PLC, Barclays PLC, Galantas Gold Corp, Halfords Group PLC, and Rolls-Royce Group PLC. The trading has been started on February 1st and the dealings up to march 15th are given. In case of Glaxosmithkline, the trader earned a profit of 900 GBP. The returns from B.Sky.B group shares resulted in negative growth. The selling price of shares is 700 GBP lesser than the buying price. This resulted in 700 GBP of loss in trading the shares of that company. This dented the returns from previous investment also and decreased the net profit to 200 GBP. Apart from this the trader bought and sold the shares of business post on February 1st and February 15th. This resulted in a profit of 800 GBP. With this transaction, the net profit reached the mark of 1000 GBP by February 15th. After that the trader bought the shares of Abbey Plc on February 15th and sold on March 1st. This resulted in a profit of 40 GBP and this increased the gross profit by March 1 to 1040 GBP. After that in a gap of one month between 15th February and 15th march, the Barclay's shares are purchased for Rs. ...
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