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Draper IT(case study)

Company is investing heavily to remain competitive in the market but the current business needs to revive. The out sourced IT division has been sold to Hardy media solutions eighteen months ago. Hardy's performance and poor services also dissatisfied the previous customers. Due to the problems faced by Drapes, it started developing its ERP system with the view that in future company has to remain competitive in the market place. It has to improve its services, launch new products, which should be cost effective as well as technologically best in the market. Recently company has more business options, which could be explored by the company and to motivate its managers to grab the opportunities, so that performance of the company could be improved.
As we already know that the said company draper is medium sized IT company. The company is in the business of providing technological solutions to its clients. It is a fast moving technologically complex and innovative industry dominated by lots of firms with well-developed communication and technological innovations. The firms which cannot be able to keep pace with innovations forced out of the business. So industry has been affected by external environment as well as internal changes. So any analysis or strategy, which could be formed in and around company, must follow the various strategic management paths. ...
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Draper engineering ltd. is a medium sized IT company providing business solutions to 4 European car manufactures and 2 American truck manufactures. Most of the workforce of Draper is older than normal and working for last 20 years. The core group of technical and middle management staff comes under above category…
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