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Global Branding

(Aaker, 1996)
The world is becoming increasingly global. Companies are not just focusing on local markets in their service and product provision. They are now looking for new and more promising markets outside their borders and also need to incorporate market forces coming from their global competitors. The corporate world is now characterised by a fast flow of products internationally, advertisement is also done across borders and there is a need to ensure that marketing strategies reflect these changes. (Kapfer, 1997)
Brands are a fundamental part of any company's key strategy. This is because brands give firms an identity. Keller (1998) asserts that brands help to strengthen their customer base and also to take away power from retailers alone. Aaker and Keller (1990) go on to add that a brand helps to solidify ones position in any market. However, there are some key questions that arise when dealing with the issue.
Firms need to ask themselves whether they would like to maintain the same brand name in a different countries and locations. ...
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The report examines the reasons why some companies adopt similar names for their products in different countries and the circumstances when this may not be favourable. It may be necessary to maintain the same brand name in international markets if there is a need to portray certain good qualities about the mother company, if a company has expanded through organic growth, if the company sells a limited range of products or if the company employs similar technology, if there is a hierarchal organisational structure and if there is a wish to leverage domestic power to other international markets…
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