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Financial Reporting and Accounting

To begin we will talk briefly about the evolution of Accounting in both countries.
According to Baylin et al (1996), Accounting standard setting in Canada has undergone a number of significant structural adjustments since the late 19th century. Following Canada's emergence from its colonial status and due to the establishment of new trading partners, there was a change in the demand for accounting and the accounting standard setting process in Canada (Baylin et al, 1996).
There have also been changes in the source of authority for standard setting, the range of interests were formally included in the standard setting process and changes in relative influence of technical versus political concerns. Canada continues to have one of the few private standard-setting processes in the world. (Baylin et al, 1996).
No central source of accounting standards existed in Canada before 18646. Accounting standards were governed by common law. ...
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In accordance with the Encyclopaedia Britannica (2007) accounting is the systematic development and analysis of information about the economic affairs of an organization. This information may be used in a number of ways: by a firm's managers to help them plan and control ongoing operations; by owners and legislative or regulatory bodies to help them appraise the organization's performance and make decisions as to its future; by owners, lenders, suppliers, employees, and others to help them decide how much time or money to devote to the company; by governmental bodies to determine what taxes a business must pay; and occasionally by customers to determine the price to be paid when contracts cal…
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