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Product Development and Packaging

Some of the well-informed customers often figure out what improvements need to be made before other customers are aware. Some ideas are also arrived at by figuring what the products lack and rushing to bridge the gap.
Sony is known for its innovative products. With Apple iPod being a tremendous success with a market share of 80% in the digital portable media player market and sold over 30 million iPod devices by 2005. A market research of about 20,000 iPod consumers was undertaken in order to receive a feedback.
The sample was random and consisted of subjects surveyed in diverse geographical areas of the country. The target segment included current iPod users and future iPod purchasers as well as those who were planning to purchase a home theatre system or a high-level stereo system within the next year.
The fact that emerged most often was that multiple numbers of speakers were utilized to project sound in the room, and this was slightly cumbersome and the positioning required some effort. The separate speakers like the Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 standard based speakers, required several wires to be installed and once the speakers were installed, their positions were fixed and hence the sound was confined to the one spot. Portability was an issue. ...
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New product development is an integral part of the evolution of the company in the future. New products keep the companies momentum going. New products may be variants of an existing one like new packaging or a new flavour or a slight modification. Alternatively, it may be a very new concept set to revolutionize the market…
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