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Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry

Hence consolidation can be in the form of merger between two or more pharmaceutical companies, acquisition of one pharmaceutical company by another, merger or acquisition between a formulations company and a bulk drugs company terming which as vertical integration will be more appropriate. There can also be mergers or acquisitions between a health care industry and a pharmaceutical industry, a form of vertical integration. All these activities centre around one goal, that is consolidation. The generic meaning of consolidation is strengthening. Hence consolidation is for obviously strengthening of merging entities. The question this proposal however poses is who the beneficiaries of the consolidation are. The stakeholders in the consolidation process are shareholders of the company, its consumers, its suppliers, its customers, its employees, Government and environmentalists. Apart from them, behind the scenes are the consultants and the directors of the company who manipulate consolidation. This proposal will undertake a detailed study as to who the real beneficiaries of consolidation are. This is the research question the proposed research will address for which purpose detailed literatures review will be undertaken.
The very question presupposes existence of a problem of who actually the beneficiaries are in consolidations. ...
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Consolidation of health care and pharmaceutical industry can not be confined to a single country or region as the very purpose of consolidation demands. Mergers and Acquisitions have been the order of the day for reasons of economy and competitive advantage…
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