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Self-awareness and Career Management

The developments and changes in the job market is changing and the trend is expected to continue this way in the future for instance, need of a wider variety of job dealings, and communication with a wider base of people; broader abilities, greater desire and enthusiasm is required for a successful career development.
The self awareness theory: this theory states that when people centre their concentration on themselves, they evaluate and make comparisons of their character and their internal values and standards. People hence become conscious of themselves as aim assessors of themselves (Boniwell 2006). Several emotional states are increased by the concept of self awareness and people may in some cases attempt to run away from this by watching television, taking drugs and/or playing games. I realize that some people get to align their behaviour with the standards and this may have a negative impact on them if they do not meet these standards. I believe that the self awareness will help me to discover my inner standards inspiration and energy to work hard and achieve my goals.
The business environment today in experiencing very dynamic changes as companies are expanding, restructuring, merging, de-merging, making new acquisitions and getting globalize (Boniwell 2006). ...
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The current job market is very dynamic and the people should no longer expect that there would be stability and career progress that is linear. This is the reason why people need to be on the look out for the growing job market that is also varied, often in non conventional areas…
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