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SWOT analysis of Apple Computers, Inc.

Apple Computers Inc is a Cupertino, California based company which has brought about a whole change in the history of computers. It has history relating to the 1970s as it came into being in the 1976. It has brought major changes in the design of the computers and since then made their way to success. The company made some major changes in the field of computers by introducing Macintosh (Williams, 2007). Till now it has developed some major features in the field of computers and these features are supposedly taken as granted by the consumers. Graphical User Interface is one important feature in the computers designed by Apple Computers Inc. The company has even saw downfalls in the 90s when it did not license it technology and the shares of the company fell to as low as 2%. However after a certain period of time Apple Computers Inc has began to rise and has made several products so as to bring a revolution in the computer world. This essay would further present a SWOT analysis of the multinational and would figure out possible recommendations for my own company to play a larger role in the field of computers today (Scott, 2008).
-The wide variety of products designed by Apple has given them greater market variety over other competitors. ...
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Apple Computers is a California based company which aimed at bringing a revolution in the entertainment arena from its very start. The company has been quite successful in achieving its task after going through considerable crisis. In order to get successful in the entertainment arena a company has to look towards the successful Apple Computers Inc for guidance…
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