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Decision support systems

They typically produce fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted and summarized from these reports is often specified in advance. A typical MIS report (Laudon & Laudon 2002) might show a summary from the organization's underlying transaction processing systems (TPS). The format from these reports is often specified in advance. A typical MIS report might show a summary f monthly sales for each f the major sales territories f a company. Sometimes MIS reports are exception reports, highlighting only exceptional conditions, such as when the sales quotas for a specific territory fall below an anticipated level or employees who have exceeded their spending limit in a dental care plan. Traditional MIS produced primarily hard copy reports. Today these reports might be available on-line through an intranet, and more MIS reports can be generated on-demand.
Examples f MIS Application (Morgan 1998): California Pizza Kitchen - Inventory Express application "remembers" each restaurant's ordering patterns and compares the amount f ingredients used per menu item to predefined portion measurements established by management. ...
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There are several types f information systems which is possible to concentrate on the type f support the systems provide (for communication and decision-making). These systems include OAS (office automation systems), collaborative systems, MIS (management information systems), and DSS (decision support systems), executive support systems (ESS), SCM (supply chain management; used in procurement), and CRM (customer relationship management; used in sales)…
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