Management Diversity and equal opportunity

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The massive changes in economic and business approaches since the late nineties have led to the internationalization of business entities. Possibilities of business expansion to an international level and liberalization of business strategies of leading countries has put forward many options towards diversity with in the working groups, day to day business operations and the procedures and practices involved.


Valueing and managing diversity requires policies, procedures, relationships and practices that will ensure fairness and equality. (Rice K,2007) However on the other side the scope these diversities in the business environments can be made use to effectively improvise the organisation's performance. In totality, the success of an organization in adapting to the diversity would directly depend upon the equal distribution of opportunities in terms of responsibilities, benefits, career opportunities and personal respect among the team.
Advancement in technology, travel options, communications and liberalization of international business regulations has incorporated numerous possibilities of conditions with diverse natures within the work environment. This trend was found to increase in the early nineties. The transference of a command driven economy to a market driven one, sheltered markets to competitive ones, domestic trade to international trade and the trend of monopoly to the trend of competition has extensively made possible the chances and demand of diversity in the business setup and processes involved. However these chances and demand are expected to have an upward trend in the coming years as well. ...
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