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For any company entering an international market or a new country-market requires it to penetrate and then develop the prospective market. With no infrastructure for sales, marketing and little knowledge about the market, it is indeed a very challenging task for any company.


He contended that a lot depends upon the differences in the extent of geographical location and the degree to which the company is centralized for decision making. International marketing is different from home-country marketing and the success or failure of the decision basically depends upon;
International market situations happen to be multilevel in their decision focus, with a hierarchy of decisions from country assessment and performance measurement decisions through to more traditional marketing mix allocations and programs.
For the purpose of this assignment we choose 'BARCLAYS BANK', a UK-based financial services group, with a large international presence in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. Barclays is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, In terms of market capitalisation. It has been operating for more than 300 years with more than 25 million customers and 118,000 employees in over 60 countries.
Barclays origins can be traced back to a modest business founded more than 300 years ago in the heart of London's financial district when goldsmith-bankers provided monarchs and merchants money for funding their business ventures. John Freame and his partner Thomas Gould established one such in Lombard Street in 1690. The name Barclay became associated with the company in 1736, when James Barclay also became a partner. ...
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