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Information system

The global business environment is now making this change more certain as the environment is becoming more volatile; the need for operational excellence because of variety of forces including technology, economy, society, regulatory forces, competition, individually and collectively.
The changes in the business environment has become too constant that it has become imperative for the going concern nature of the organization to adopt the change in all the ways possible - but this changes is easier said than done. Since it involves affecting all dimensions of the organization including the most important recourse i.e. the stakeholders. This change brings in different meanings for and different reactions from these stakeholders - the human resource of the company.
The implementation of new information systems revamps the entire operating environment of the organization; therefore, there is a need for organizational development, managing resistance throughout the company, managing the fear that prevails in people because of changing technology, building and reinforcing trust amongst all members and participants, and managing the stress - mental and physical (Suzzana & David, 2008).
Organizational Development - the process of implementing the new system, does not involve an abrupt or an overnight replacement of the system; careful and full-fledged planning with effective communication ...
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Evaluate, using relevant theory (and case studies), the stakeholder or technology factors that often affect the implementation of new information systems. Indicate which of these issues are critically important to the success of a new system in a department or organisation of your choice.
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