Turism and Hospitality

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Tourism is a global phenomenon separated in time and space. Also, tourism is about informing and enticing travel since 'tourism product is a "confidence good" for which 'a priori comprehensive assessment of its qualities is impossible.' With only information on the product available on both sides of consumer and supplies, the imperative option relates to the process of establishing information distribution and value addition channels.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) techniques are seen to be an answer to such a dynamic business environment. Five themes driving the future of international hospitality industry include information technology, assets and capital management, capacity control, safety and security, and management skills (Olsen in Olson and Connolly, 1999). With the example of airline reservation systems in the 60s to the Central Reservation Systems to the current Global Distribution Systems providing holistic tourism products such as information, reservations and linkages with stakeholders, ICTs have become indispensable. Further with the society changing into 'information knowledge society', business organizations are turning to newer information technologies for survival and competitiveness (Gratzer et. al, 2003).
Go (in Buhalis, 1998) identifies some of attributes of ICTs acting as drivers of tourism globalisation. ...
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