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The Industrial Revolution 1820 - 1850

In America, the industrial revolution had a strong influence on the lives of ordinary people. This happened through the modification of the family structure and it affected the role of women and children. In other words, the industrial revolution shaped the way things were social, cultural and economic system of American families to the extent that women and children had to change the way they were delivering their services and earning income. This paper examines the way the contribution of women and children changed in America during the industrial revolution. This objective is attained in this paper through the examination of how women and children used to contribute their quota to the American economy before the industrial revolution. It goes on to view the changes that the industrial revolution brought and how it affected women and children. The paper then examines how the changes of the industrial revolution modified the way American women and children contributed their quota to building of the economy after the 1850s when the American revolution was entrenched in American society. The paper ends up with the lives of women and children after the industrial revolution by revealing some of the lasting effects of the industrial revolution on the earning patterns of women and children in the country. ...
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