Strategic Marketing Planningfor SMEs in Zimbabwe

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Analysing the performance implication of strategic planning on SMEs that are operating amidst the unstable environment in Zimbabwe is the purpose of the paper. The research context in this paper is unstable environment that characterises the circumstances in Zimbabwe.


These are largely attributed to failures in the government's land reform programs that crippled the country's once prevailing agricultural sector. Against these, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which for the purposes of this study is defined as businesses with a maximum of 250 employees, have been seen as potential solution to the ailing economy.
A large number of available literature on corporate performance in SMEs concludes that the non-practise of formal strategic planning could be associated directly with failure, while its practise could be associated with success (Bracker and Pearson, 1986; Stoner, 1983). In this light, it is of importance to determine whether the practice of strategic planning is feasible for the improvement of the performance of SMEs in Zimbabwe under the present circumstances of the nation.
Keeping in view the above circumstances the methodology used for this study was development of research hypotheses through a review of available literature, and testing of hypotheses through the use of case studies. The methodology concentrated on the feasibility of strategic planning in the present circumstances of Zimbabwe.
Strategic planning was found to be infeasible or unnecessary for the growth and survival of SMEs in the unstable environment of Zimbabwe. ...
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