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Stragetic Management

In the long run, they have to convert the brand switchers into their own brand loyal. To meet this objective and to retain the loyal customers, relationship marketing is believed to be of immense help to firms. The effective use of CRM will ensure customer loyalty and convert them into lifelong consumers of the product. CRM is one among the many steps of customerization. The focus of CRM is to establish relationship with customers on an individual and personalized basis and then to treat different customers differently based on their expectations. CRM is the key to success in the present era and it has become the order of the day that customers are given personalized attention and only those organizations can succeed who have been able to build a base of their loyal customers. As per estimate, the cost of affecting a new customer is five times more in comparison to making an existing customer happy. In the present report, an attempt is made to prepare a CRM plan and discuss how effectively it can be used to attain more customer base and support. Parcel Force Industry, a U K based parcel company is the firm discussed in the report.
Parcelforce Worldwide is a leading provider of guaranteed express deliveries. ...
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In today's competitive market environment, effective brand management becomes imperative in enhancing market share and to attain sustainable growth. To compete with the market leaders and gain competitive edge, companies all over the world are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an effective tool…
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