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Essay example - management (principles,skills,and applications)

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Management is an exciting field that needs to be studied in order to learn its valuable secrets. In this essay we will take a look at one special aspect of Management: management skills. We take into account that fact that Management is a science and an art at the same time…

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The most important consideration has to be the manager effectiveness. From this quality all the other facets in a manager depend upon. To be effective should be the main concern for any manager. So we study the management skills with this idea in mind.
In a world of continuous change thanks to the technological and scientific advances there is an increasing need for new and better leaders in all of the fields of the business spectrum. There is a growing need for a higher vision in the way business is done, so management skills fill up a very prominent place in the ladder of success in any corporate environment. To achieve many of its goals any company looks for the best people with the best qualities so they can fulfill its expectancies with certain reliability. Managers should be endowed with many different skills as we will see in the following pages. Their effectiveness will be the source for the success of the business enterprise, so there are many strong demands placed on the managers' shoulders in relation to their skills.
Leslie W. Rue and Lloyd L. Byars (2005) in their book "Management: Skills and Application" (PowerPoint format) deals with the most relevant principles of Management. ...
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