Search-based Online Advertising

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A substantial part of my literature review and methodology towards this thesis are devoted to the success and failure of search-based online advertising and the major determinants of it.(Kulviwat 2004:245-253).In this vein my research draws heavily from the literature based upon the consumer behaviour and how it has shaped and will shape IT based advertising in the future and now.


Search based advertising is a precursor to online purchase, and thus can make valuable information online. The rest of thesis aims to explore the market structure of search-based online advertising and economic aspects of it. Using economies of multi-sided platforms it will examine search-based advertising platforms.The thesis explores whether a single platform emerge in the end for search based online n the ranking of a company improve its quality.In this vein my thesis addresses the Division with in the online advertising industry pertaining to search advertising, display advertising, classified listing, internet e-mail based advertisement. The thesis will explore the effects of advertising on search result pages ,technology underneath search-based advertising ,keyword bidding system ,search-based platforms. Finally the thesis addresses the market structure of search-based advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask through user surveys.
With in the discussion of economic factors affecting two-sided market structure there will an inclusion of determinants like the pricing of keywords ,role of indirect network effects ,size of smaller platforms , loop between the search and advertiser side and the role of aspects like CPC(cost per click) and CTR(Click through rate).Other matters include the effects ...
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