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Essay example - Introduction to HRM

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In view of the dramatic changes occurring in the business environment, organisations are impelled to act dynamically in order to survive. This results in the restructuring of organisational functions particularly human resource and development.
Traditionally, the role of human resource managers is perceived only as an administrative function…

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This paper provides an overview of the job scope of both the line managers and human resource managers in contemporary organisations. It also evaluates how the roles of each contribute to the overall organisational effectiveness. In addition, this paper highlights the significance of the role of human resource managers in light of the transformations in their function to be able to address the composite needs of modern companies.
Aside from ensuring that their respective departments have attained their operational goals, line managers, nowadays are deemed to play a critical part in talent management (Pringle 2004). As line managers directly deal with the employees, they are tasked not only with managing the business but the people, who are assets as well. In this regard, the human resource functional responsibilities in contemporary organisations are returned to the natural owners, the line managers, who are held accountable for their contribution to the improvement of employee performance. (Donaldson 2004)
As the prevailing trend involves the primary aim of bringing staff and management closer to foster better organisational communication and goal congruence, line managers are gradually empowered to take on functions previously under the job scope of human resource managers (Mak 2 ...
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