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Production Improvement Techniques

First, the report will give a short insight into production theories adopted and used widely before the World War II. Later, the rise of post-war alternative theories will be in the focus. Finally, modern production theories and practices will be described as well as solid proofs will be given of how these techniques and practices can improve the overall competitive and financial states of a company. Lean manufacturing will be the most important point to emphasize throughout the report. Its components, practices and methods will be given much detail. At the end of this report an analysis of the techniques and a list of key factors perspective for implementation within the company will be presented. This report will be written in the 3rd person present tense.
At the turn of the XIXth and XXth centuries a new monopoly era comes into being. New breakthroughs become part of everybody's life. These include electricity, combustion engines, telephone. The technical progress and production need standardization and unification for production processes managed in old ways. In these conditions F. Taylor is the first to pay attention to production organization. ...
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Printer Supplies, a company located in Liverpool, is active in printer cartridge recycling and remanufacturing. The company has a small factory, which produces monthly 10 000 recycled cartridges. Over 200 technicians work in the factory of the company. Their main activities consist of cleaning used cartridges, verifying defective parts, replacing defects, filling cartridges with inks or toner…
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