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Sampling and data coolection

Both of the said processes have direct influences on the outcome of the research. Furthermore, data collection and sampling are both concerned with the elements to be studied, the population, and what data will be gathered from them. As such, their role in market research is very significant.
Careful thought and consideration must be given to the choice of data collection method and sampling approach to be used in any research. Since there are several methods and approaches available, the researcher must analyze the scenario to ensure that the right method and approach will be used.
Each situation may call for a different data collection method and sampling approach. Such choice relies on several factors. Primarily, the researcher must consider the problem at hand. He must determine whether the problem requires qualitative or quantitative research. This is important because the researcher must determine what type of data is involved or required.
Once the type of research has been established, the researcher must then take into consideration other elements such as the population, budget, time allotted, and the number of personnel at hand. Basically, this means that the researcher should study the resources he has at his disposal for all of these are factors that help determine the most appropriate data collection method and sampling approach.
This paper will attempt to highlight the process of choosing the appropriate data coll ...
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Market research is a valuable tool in any business. The information that it can provide helps businesses in various aspects and in various ways. Primarily, market research helps organizations understand the trends in the market most especially their target markets…
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