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Unions and Company

Unions and Company

The paper also details the outcome of the company's responses in those cases.
The issue involved that is taken for discussion is the provision of food and services to the employees and whether such provision can be construed as one of the terms and conditions of employment. The cases taken up relate to the closure of the cafeteria meant for the workers by WMATA and the refusal to negotiate on the increase in the prices of food and beverages by Ford Motor Co. In both the cases the companies concerned had taken a stand that the provision of food and other services to the employees within the work premises is NOT one of the terms and conditions of employment. But the Unions argued that the issue necessarily forms part of the conditions of employment and hence the Unions have to be consulted before any decision could be taken on the issues. The relevant cases are discussed below:

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is regulated by Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia Authorities who formed a lengthy compact for the entity. WMATA negotiated a 'collective bargaining agreement' with the trade union in which the employees had membership. WMATA wanted to close down a cafeteria to provide additional space for its legal department. The Authority argued that ‘closing the cafeteria’ is an absolute business decision and there was no need to get the Union agreed for this. ...
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A labor union is an organization through which employees act as a group (through representatives) to negotiate with employers about grievances, disputes, pay, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. These actions are called "collective bargaining."…
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