Hotel Industry Essay

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Today, due to the development of tourism across the world, hotels and other lodging houses have been in demand as people become engaged in travelling. Added to this fact, hotels such as those featured by are giving emphasis on the business travels and therefore, having the goal of providing top quality services to the clients.


The homepage allows the potential clients to select the date for arrival and also allows potential customers to choose the various types of hotels. This page gives clients information about top destinations (see fig. 2), branded hotels, top rated hotels, and booking requirements. Moreover, one of the easiest parts that customers will find in dealing with is the advantage of doing business with the management via sending e-mail messages. These features will likely to increase the saleability and the number of visits by potential clients.
Offers and discounts are the most effective and important features that attract travellers to book in hotels associated with as they seem to provide customers authentic services and benefits.
Apparently, this is the biggest factor that people visit and book in finest and top hotels. This page (see fig. 3) educates the potential customers how to avail discounts, how to avail free hotel nights, discounted deals, and among others.
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