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Sales organizational plan is one of the most important elements of successful organizational performance and quality service. Human resource management is intimately involved with the environment in general and certain trends are noticeable. New terms and techniques have appeared, for example, manpower planning and management by objectives…


Sales Organizational Plan

Bracrekunmitso Pharmaceuticals can use the Internet and local press for advertising purposes. Also, it is possible to use employment agencies to find professional staff in a short period of time. Selection practices will be based on manual resume screening and computerized. This procedure will help to select high professional applicants for the first interview. If the recruitment is competitive, it can create a feeling that those who are selected are truly valued. It can help build a positive self-image if the on-the-job experiences confirm that feeling. For Bracrekunmitso Pharmaceuticals, to recruit high qualified professionals is crucial especially for direct sales and customer support services. Medical degree and experience within pharmaceutical industry will be the main requirement applied to all candidates. The main criteria for selection will be professional skills and practical knowledge, personal characteristics and experience. Interviews will consist of several parts: behavior based analysis, training and experience evaluations, biographical information and motivational fit (Armstrong 2001).

Bracrekunmitso Pharmaceuticals will need expensive training programs for new staff. A special programs will be designed for pharmaceutical representatives and physicians referrals. One approach, which is somewhat broader than an assess¬ment of training needs, and may be biased to the strategic changes the company is facing, is to design a workshop for senior managers to work through what is needed to implement some of the strategic decisions the company has made. ...
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