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Assignment example - Polyprod Change Management

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Due to the rapid development in the Polyprod Company, severe managerial, documentation and personnel problems have resulted. It is necessary for change to be initiated in the company. In this article, the consultant uses the Mckinsey 7S models and the Weisbord model to generate solution that can improve these departments…

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Polyprod is a multinational company that designs; develops, manufactures and markets various high-tech products for both commercial and home use. The firm has been in operation for the last eleven years and has been experiencing exponential growth. The companies has it's headquarter at the United States and several centers located at Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa. The central or the headquarter division managers all the other centers in different location though the other centers have autonomy to make decisions.
The firm has an elaborate and highly automated manufacturing process that allows for the huge production and makes the system operate at high speeds, intricacy and produce massive volume of the products sold. The designs are created at the headquarters while the production takes place at various aforementioned locations to exploit cheap labour and maximize on profits. The products manufactured are of high quality and must pass the quality control tests.
In spite of all the success experienced by the company, there are many organizational problems hampering the growth of the firm. Some of these factors include organizational and leadership problems, resistance to changes in organizational culture, rapid organizational growth, documentation and human resources problems
In the wake of these issu ...
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