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This research paper aims to find resources to support the topic on which Western project management techniques are most popular amongst project managers and why. The search strategy used in arriving at the resources is described in the succeeding section, while the rest of this paper discusses four refereed journal articles on the said topic.


The paper ends with a summary that relates the four articles with each other and to the main topic. A list of references used in this paper is attached after the summary.
In searching for articles to be used in this research paper, a basic search into the main topics was conducted. Key words such as "China", and "project management" were used in the search for journals that can be used. This resulted in a list of possible journal collections on the said keywords and two journals are refereed and fit the requirement of this research: The Project Management Journal collection as well as the International Journal of Project Management collection. In finding the appropriate articles, each journal collection was searched with key words such as "Western project management", "China project management" and "China" which generated articles as part of the specific journal collection. Since the search database was electronic, the four articles were chosen based on the availability of their full text for download.
This journal entry is directly correlated with the research topic chosen as stated on the title. ...
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