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Dell Supply Chain Management

Thus, the supply chain system of Dell does possess shortfalls and improvement areas do exist.
This paper serves the purpose of critically evaluating the Dell Supply Chain and envisaging not only the efficiency of the system but its inefficiencies as well. The paper firstly describes what a supply chain is. The next section presents what is actually supply chain management. Dell's Supply Chain is discussed next following the critical success factors adopted by the Dell Supply Chain Management. Then a major section of the paper presents a critical evaluation of the Dell Supply Chain. And then the conclusions are finally presented.
Supply Chain involves every person and stage that is involved in satisfying the customer's demands. It includes every party from the manufacturer to the customers. The supply chain involves the chain that starts from manufacturer, suppliers, transporters, warehouses, retailers and ends on the customers (Chopra and Meindl, 2004). The supply chain of every company is active and ever changing. Information and products are the crucial and continuously involved constituents of every stage in the supply chain.
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In today's world of increased trend towards globalization and customer-orientation, the businesses are operating in a highly competitive environment to improve on their core competency and focus on the customers globally. For the purpose of any business to be successful, there is a strong need to build up strong supply chains and lower the supply chain management costs to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the business processes.
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