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Pervasive Computing Case Study

Furthermore, it also allows telecommuters to combine their work from home with other forms of teleworking.
It is the result of a better access to high speed internet connections, an improved ability to concentrate and a better balance between work and family according to The International Telework Association & Council (ITAC)3.
As seen on the extract of Anne Fisher's article, there is a real debate on the advantages and drawbacks of teleworking. We will try to define these two sides of that type of work from two points of views: the teleworker himself and the managers of a teleworking team.
In the first question of our essay we have seen some of the benefits of telecommuting. Teleworkers can define their own schedule which can include working before or after regular office hours, they achieve to balance their personal life with their work better than they used to and they show an increased concentration and therefore a higher productivity. The Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education announces that home workers present an increase of 3 to 25% in productivity4.
Nevertheless Paul Dickerson's story is a perfect example of the drawbacks of teleworking. As he was working from home, people started to believe that he was unemployed and avoided him. ...
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The increase in the number of teleworkers in the United States can be explained by many factors. First many firms or federal agencies have increased their efforts to encourage telework. "The Status of Telework in the Federal Government"2 states that the Department of Defense has implemented a telework policy to offer the opportunity to existing workers to work from home.
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