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People Resourcing

Ensuring better employee relations is as important in public sector companies as for any other organisation. However, it is generally observed that most employees in the public sector organisations suffer from stress (Health and Safety Executive, 2002).
Mersytravel is the operating name for Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive; which oversees the provision of public transport on Merseyside. It was initially observed that the employee morale was low and they used to get tensed. The company identified that as per Frederick Herzberg two factor hygiene and motivation theory, some factors like job security, salary, and status etc., that are the provided by public sector organisations do not motivate employees and don not contribute in ensuring employee well being. Instead, if these factors are not present, this may lead to employee dissatisfaction. In contrast, as per the theory, employees will feel motivated if they are provided growth and advancement opportunities, and are recognised for their achievements (Accel Team, 2006).
In order to improve employees' morale and to enhance employees' knowledge, the company established a learning and development strategy in consultation with its employees in 2003. ...
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Employee motivation is a key to success for every company in today's professional and competitive world. A company is only as good as its employees; and if they are well maintained and well rewarded, and consequently, well motivated, the only direction where the company will move is, upwards.
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