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Internet Shopping

A long traditional framework in marketing is a worthwhile lens to look through when charting a path for success (i.e., formulating strategy and tactics) in ecommerce. This framework is known as the consumer buying decision process and it encompasses all consumer behaviors related to buying. It consists of five general stages. Consumers may not experience all of the stages for each buying decision.
-Purchase - payment and acquisition of product (n.b., the product purchased is not always the one preferred by a consumer -- e.g., when Coca Cola is not available on an airplane, many people drink Pepsi).
-Post purchase - behavior related to both the felt comfort and satisfaction levels with the purchase experience and decision; all product related activities that one does after purchasing a product (e.g., returning an item, using an item and being either satisfied or dissatisfied, spreading word-of-mouth).
Bruce D. Weinberg in the same article further states that "The Internet creates an information intensive environment where power and success is very much high quality information and the ability to best understand and utilize it. Exchange (i.e., buying and selling) information is typically generated by either buyers or sellers,
though certainly others can generate relevant exchange information - ...
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San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Verne Kopytoff reports that forecasts suggest a strong e-commerce even ten years after its founding. Studies conducted by Jupiter Research and Forrester Research predict a rise in shopping online as compared to retail selling…
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