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Small Business

The college has three academic batches out of which two were in post graduation, one in under graduation with a sum total of 150 students supported with 30 teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The students have to take a ten minutes walk if they want to board any transport means, to eat, to shop anything for their stay in the campus hostel.
The working hours starts at 9:30 am in the morning breaks for a lunch at 12:40pm with a break in between at 11:15am.The College has a dining hall to cater the food facilities daily for both day scholars and hostellers. The payment is done monthly to the caterers .food is served only at three times a day morning breakfast, launch and dinner. A person doesn't get any snacks or eateries in between the sessions, as there was no facility in the campus other than the dining hall.
The dining hall became a profit making entity for the caterers, as there is no other option to choose for the students and the staff working in the campus. The caterers have a confined market avenue with an assured customer base and started responding to their requirements. The caterers are having monopoly in this food service as there is only having sole business entity in the campus. ...
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National institute of tourism and hospitality management is a premium institute established in Hyderabad with the collaboration of the Andhra pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and department of tourism, government of India. It has sprawling campus offering both post graduate and under graduate courses in tourism management
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