An evaluation of dramatised advertising as used in Lan Chocolate

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The importance of consistency in brand image and messages in advertising is a basic tenet of Integrated Marketing Communication theory and practice. Advertising considers the customer's needs and wants, and works back to the brand (Belch, 1997).


Individuals and organizations in their purpose to promote goods, services, ideas, people, and issues use advertising . In light of this, Coca-Cola used a public-relations driven campaign in relaunching its Sprite brand through a fifty-city sampling tour. This is an illustration of how important advertising is in reaching far places and peoples and integrating them into one consuming populace.The advertising function may be equated to the creation and management of product imagery, which is the establishment of the set of meanings and associations that serve to differentiate a product or service (Reynolds and Gutman, 1984). Hence, one must consider defining and operationalising image in order to move beyond the basic posture that brand images add value to products. Image, as employed in advertisements, may be described as general characteristics, feelings, or impressions, product perception, beliefs and attitudes, brand personality, and linkages between characteristics and feelings/emotions.The importance of advertising is seen in the outcomes it produces for many products and organizations. It continues to be an indispensable necessity for product branding and marketing campaign. ...
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