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Assignment example - International Money and Finance

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This report aims to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the operation of BBA Aviation Plc. The first section offers a brief overview of the business organization followed by the identification of its major markets. In order to fully understand the financial performance of the company, a five year trend analysis is also conducted…

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Wilson Cobbett Ltd during 1870s (Yahoo Finance 2007). With this humble beginning, the business organization has risen to become one of the world's recognized aviation companies capitalizing on its leading market position and strong growth potential. BBA Aviation reports annual sales of 1 million, employs approximately 10, 700 individuals, and operates in 11 countries. The company's major markets include the United States, Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe, while maintaining its headquarters in London, England (BBA Aviation Plc 2007).
BBA Aviation Plc focuses on the provision of flight support services and aftermarket services and systems. The company's Annual Report 2006 states that it focuses on extending primary services such as "providing flight support to business and commercial aircraft at almost 150 locations worldwide; overhauling turbine engines together with the supply and repair of related components; licensing components from OEM s [Original Equipment Manufacturers] and assuming responsibility for their support in the Aftermarket; designing, manufacturing, and repairing of aircraft landing gear and hydraulic systems; and training pilots and the provisions of other services at Oxford airport."
During 2006, BBA Aviation reports a total turnover of 950.1 million, 556.4 million (59%) of which is shared by its fligh ...
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