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The following sub-sections aim at introducing the company, the market it operates in, a literature survey about the various E-Marketing Models which relate to the company and the outline implementation of the proposed E-Business.
'GameODrome', is a new company, which deals in selling Computer Games, TV Video Games, and Games on all leading consoles, such as Nintendo Game Boy, Sony Play Station and Microsoft XBOX and all accessories needed for gaming in any environment.


According to the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), "the UK gaming industry recorded a trade close to 200m in 2005 and is on a continuous inclination". These facts are favorable to the success of GameODrome. Being nave, GameODrome has to compete with several competitors and prove to the consumer that striking a deal with them is easier and more accessible.
The advent of Internet has drastically changed lifestyles. E-Marketing is the latest revolution in Internet which allows buying goods while sitting at the luxury of one's home. Many companies now provide their sales and services through internet.
One should know and understand various frameworks of E-marketing and their role in promoting a company. E-Marketing consists of several theoretical models, which provide a company with the tools to support the essential elements of marketing, namely price, promotion, product and place. The important models are:
Merchant Model: This model is typically used by traders, resellers, wholesaler and retailers of goods and services. It includes 24x7 ordering and one to one custom marketing (embellix, 2000). ...
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