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Human Resource Motivation

To manage such a magnitude of employees requires expertise, skill and a deep knowledge of principles of management. Regardless of the size of the organization, human resources are what keep a company moving. This paper discusses the role of motivation in getting work done and especially in increasing employee job performance.
The following is a report on the factors that affect motivation in an given organization. The report highlights different technique and human resources theory, which different organizations use to give rewards and maintain a well-motivated workforce. This section of the report analyzes the techniques and theories with an aim of evaluating their effectiveness as strategies made to assist the organization in achieving its goals. It is evident that the task of motivating workforce in an organization is not an easy one and requires that organizations evident enormous resources in the process.
Cranny, Smith, and Stone, (1992), defines motivation as the process of empowering an individual to continue acting in a certain positive behaviour. Motivation in organizations is aimed at encouraging employees to take initiative in execution of their duties at the work place. Motivated employees exhibit self-drive and desire to willingly perform their tasks in accordance to the organization's objectives (Cranny, Smith, & Stone, 1992). ...
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There has been a general concern in the public about the role of incentives and motivation in general. The role of these in any given organization is central to the success or failure of the organization.
Business organizations rely on many resources such as, human resources technology, and raw materials to achieve organizational goals and get things done…
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