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Research Paper example - Recruitment and Selection

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Research Paper
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A company's number one asset, whether it is a small enterprise or a conglomerate, is its employees. The success of a company as a "well-oiled" machinery depends heavily on the interaction of its different departments and the people that run and work in them.

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In this reflective report, I will examine how the discernment of the theories for interviewing contributes to the success of an interview. This will also serve as a gauge of my understanding of the concepts studied.
This exercise started with the modifying the original job description provided. The original job description was edited to give the recruiting company a more defined identity and to inject the personality of the management. This is an important step in "attracting" the right kind of people to answer the job posting. According to Ben Schneider's Attraction-Selection-Attrition Framework, the personality of the organization is the sum total of the personalities of its employees, thus "people are attracted to an organization on the basis of their interests and personality" as mentioned in the Recruitment and Selection Module of Hull University (5). After the modification of the job description, I created a person specification for what I think is the "ideal person" for the job. For the job person specification, I used Fraser's Five-Fold Grading System, referencing the Recruitment and Selection Module of Black's Academy (2). It is in creating the person specification that I understood the significance of Schneider's theory of "like-attracts-like".
The conceptualization of the interview plan and the formulation of the interview questions followed ...
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