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Essentials of Management - Essay Example

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Essay Questions Essentials of Management Delegation of authority is one of the areas of the greatest concerns for the current crop of Managers. Basically, in order to do a job efficiently, the Manager has to ensure that utmost amount of concentration is paid to the fulfillment of all the jobs…

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Essentials of Management

The primary problems with the delegation process are the loss of power, the chances of insubordination, loss of accountability and the chances the work may get delayed. These are the various problems of the delegation. Once the job has been delegated, the Manager may fear that the individual may not perform perfectly either due to the lack of resources, money or senses of responsibility. This may ultimately affect the KRA’s of the manager; the other issue may be the insecurity that is present among the managers. The individual who has been entrusted with the job may go on to outperform the Manager. Thereby, these are the problems faced in the delegation process. There are various steps that can be taken to overcome these problems. The main steps are the infusion of responsibility in the individuals to deliver the work on time, and not to have any amount of insubordination. This can be accomplished by the creation of a proper work culture wherein there is an intrinsic sense of responsibility among the individuals. Also, the individuals should be accountable to the work that is performed by them. Building trust in the virtual teams The process of building trust in virtual teams is a multifarious process with multiple layers involved. The steps that I would take to maintain trust are a lot of online meeting between the members so that they can come to know each other. ...
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