Knowledge Management Master Essay

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Information handling is becoming the most important debate of the current century with context to the globalization phenomenon. Information is regarded as the most important tool for the strategic restructuring of an organization and the refined form of information is known as knowledge and knowledge management is also a critical program that needs attention and many firms are going after this scheme.


The problem is how to acquire the relevant information or how to extract the required from the pool. This was once a issue in the past as record searching was very tedious and at times it took days for individuals to come up with the adequate set of retrievals.
This was aided by the term 'Cataloging'. Cataloging meant giving an appropriate identification to the item form where it can be easily retrieved. Cataloging can easily be understood if we take into account a library containing many books and journals and you step inside to search for data on economic facts in the World War II era. To get this information you needed to approach the librarian who will present you a book that is compiled of many abstracts from the various books that contain information about the desired World War II facts. This item is called as the catalog and it contains the description of the different books or journals referring to your search. From this catalog you can filter out your choices easily and as there is adequate resource description you could also go for different writer choices. ...
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