Integrated Marketing Communication ( Assignment 2)

Case Study
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As mentioned in the last paper Austali bikes imported from Italy are specially meant for females in order to provide them better facilities. The manufacturers of these bikes always want to make these bikes the most popular and successful among customers, this is the reason why the internal marketing of these bikes is being done in an efficient manner.


Along with the internal marketing, the integrated marketing communication is also one of the important concepts because it is only with the help of the integrated marketing communication that how and why the product becomes more important and how the customers are influenced to buy that particular product. Integrated marketing communication is the most important process and with the help of which any brand can gain success and can gain popularity too. Gaining success is the most important for any company. (Kitchen, 2004)
According to the American Marketing Association, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is termed as a planning process which is designed to assure that all the brands which are created are according to the needs and demands of customers. (IMC) integrated marketing communication is termed as a holistic approach of the marketing level. Along with this, the concept of integrated marketing communication also consists of the offline and online marketing channels. Online marketing channels basically consist of different kinds of e-marketing programs or campaigns, from different level of search engine optimization, different kinds of the email banners and also the pay per click programs. ...
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