Multi-Media Employment Market

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Multi-Media/New Media may be said to be the ability to use computer skills to brings together text, graphic art, sound, animation and video to educate, inform and entertain Many people believe that multi-media will fundamentally change the way people learn, communicate and entertain themselves.


For this especially skilled professionals have specific knowledge and skills. This report explores what actually multi-media is in the context of being an avenue of employment for millions on a global scale. It reports the characteristics of the employment market in this fast-growing sector of the global economy. It states the types of jobs that are universally accepted as being a part of the multi-media ambit and the professional and personal skills and requirements that are necessary to compete successfully. It also explores the kinds of work that have to be successfully undertaken by incumbents in the various job profiles within multi-media.
Multi-Media/New Media: New Media or even Multi-Media is a term used in relation to the "Old Media" such a print publications like newspapers and magazines that are static representations of graphics and text. In contrast multi-media is a generic term used for the many different forms of electronic communications made possible by the use of computer technology. It includes:
The list is not exhaustive but it is representative of what is most evident in new media (Webopedia Online, New Media Section, 2005). ...
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