The methodology of risk decreasing and fraud operations avoiding with payment cards of International Payment Systems (IPS)

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Therefore the ratio of fraud operations with them becomes higher. That's why the developing of effective methodology of risk management looks like to be "a must". Frankly speaking, you will not be able to find enough necessary information anywhere, because the methods of fraud detection are security-guarded and frequently changed.


Content analysis meets these requirements. Content analysis is a quantitative and qualitative method of documents investigating, characterized with conclusions objectivity, procedure rigidity and means quantification processing with further results interpretation. For fraud operations detecting and negative results avoiding we can use some methods of content analysis:
Systems analysis of multiple risks is used when we have no considerable database of certainly fraud operations, which represents different fraud kinds. The idea of using this methodology lied in developing of system classification by degree and level of risk and situation recognition of given classification.
Alaric, a company, which specializes on banking systems, insists that fractal systems of fraud prevention, based on adjusted rules with using Bayes logic, are more effective then neuronets. But the high result production of there systems can be reached only after 4 months for banks with great quantity of emitted cards and high branched acquirer system. The neuronet can help to create a mechanism of operation stream evaluation, which will be based on special rules. Firstly, these rules are defined by experts, later changed and corrected with system. ...
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