Tourism Operations Management

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Tourism is one of the world's major socio-economic activities and according to World Tourism Organisation (1998), "Sustainable Tourism Development meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing the opportunities for the future" (pp.


Improvement in environmental planning and management in the destination including provision of environmental control measures and services such as monitoring and 'improving air and water quality, litter clearance, provision of waste recycling schemes, etc.';
Tourism is a key industry for UK with an annual turnover accounting for over 4% of GDP and with over 7% of the working population working in the sector. As per Department for Culture, Media and Sport (2004), UK is one amongst the top ten world tourism earners. More than 86% of England's tourism income comes from domestic visitors and the sectors that have contributed to the attractiveness of England for domestic tourists, and of Britain for overseas visitors include, transport, galleries, museums, theatres, heritage sites in public and private ownership, conference and exhibition venues, shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Positioning of UK as a important destinations rests on meeting and exceeding customers expectations. The priority areas identified by the Government are marketing and e-tourism, product quality, workforce skills, data and advocacy of the case for supporting the tourism industry.
Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of Britain's sovereigns since 1837, is a prime tourist attraction. Although many of the official events and receptions are held by The Queen, areas of Buckingham Palace are open to visitors on a regular basis. ...
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