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Coursework example - current issues in entrepreneurship

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Fast food Mania Currently, what is termed "fast food" means hot, freshly prepared and wrapped food items, served to customers across a counter or through a drive-up window. Better known as fast food and quick-service food in the restaurant industry, these items are commonly sold and delivered in an amount of time ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.

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In addition to these staples, many quick-service restaurants sell an extensive menu of Western, Mexican, Greek, and Chinese foods. Some fast-food outlets offer specialty items, like sushi, clams, or ribs, and others even sell complete "home-cooked" meals over their counters. Though menus and delivery formats vary greatly, fast food's chief common denominators include immediate customer service, packaging "to go," and inexpensive pricing.
However, despite the pervasive reputation of fast food in modern American culture, criticisms proliferate. Since the 1930s, articles and books have censured the industry, purportedly divulging poor sanitary conditions, unhealthy food products, environmental problems and unfair working conditions. Whether it warrants the attention or not, the fast-food industry is still regularly cited for exploiting young workers, polluting, and contributing to obesity and other serious health problems among American consumers.
Specifically, American beef consumption (fast-food hamburger industry) is often blamed for the burning of the Amazon rain forests to make way for more grazing lands for beef cattle. Former enemies of fast food cited the shocking grime of many hamburger stands, in addition to the claims that the ground beef used in sandwiches was either spoiled, diseased, or simply of low quality. ...
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