Work Cultures and Social Loafing

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In this research , we are making an attempt to compare and contrast work culture in different countries and its effect on Social Loafing . For this purpose, we have studied the prevailing work culture in India , US and Japan . Though human behavior is 'culturally mediated' (Cross Cultural Psychology , Berry, et al.2002, p.47), work culture has a role to play in social loafing.


The study was important because it helps us to understand the behavior of people in different countries and different work culture and sought to find out remedies for this organizational menace.
Research was never conducted before about this subject and it assumes significance from the fact that work culture is often ignored and it is further important because work culture changes from country to country and it can't be altered / modified .
Research conducted in the United States indicates that members of cultures whose value emphases and social institutions have been characterized as "group-oriented" would tend to form more cohesive groups and be more likely to place group benefit over individual benefit than members of individualistic.(Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol. 14, No. 3, 368-384 (1983)
Social Loafing is a tendency or phenomenon of an individual, to work less when in group than when work alone. As such, group performance may not be satisfactory when compared to individual performance. Social loafing is the "tendency to reduce individual effort when working in groups compared to the individual effort expended when working alone" (Williams & Karau, 1991). ...
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