Health & Spa Tourism

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Tourism products and services have evolved over the years to bring to consumers better and enhanced travel experience. Special Interest Tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of the tourism industry in the 21st century. Inflated demand for SIT products has given a huge boost to the travel and tourism industry.


Health Spa over the years has proved to be extremely effective in treating disorders. However the health spa tourists are not essentially people with health problems, it also includes people who seek mental peace and tranquility.
2. Identify the reasons for the growth of your example of SIT. Link your discussion to factors such as trends in consumer behaviour and the tourism industry's search for competitive advantage. (3-4 reasons)
By the year 2025 it is expected that the health spa tourism industry will become one of the most important and largest industries of the world. This sudden rise in popularity of health spa industry can be explained by analyzing the trends in the consumer behaviour and the tourism industry's search for competitive advantage.
Across nations and across races, there has been an increasing awareness for fitness and healthy living. Among everything else today's consumers attach maximum priority to health and this trend is likely remain the same in the times to come. Awareness has struck the masses at a time when greater income and employment opportunities have given them enhanced purchasing power and disposable income. This has also resulted in the emergence of newer and better health care products and services. ...
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