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Owning and managing a small business: Candy Shop - Assignment Example

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One of the simple and promising businesses to start for a small scale entrepreneur is a candy business.This would include sale of chocolate products.The kind of candies for sale would include Hard Candies,Fudge,Brittle,Divinity,Swiss milk tables,Scot tables,Marshmallows,Marzipan or March pane,Gum/Gelatin Candies,Pralines and Truffle chocolate.

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Owning and managing a small business: Candy Shop

One of the simple and promising businesses to start for a small scale entrepreneur is a candy business. This would include sale of chocolate products. The kind of candies for sale would include Hard Candies, Fudge, Brittle, Divinity, Swiss milk tables, Scot tables, Marshmallows, Marzipan or March pane, Gum/Gelatin Candies, Pralines and Truffle chocolate.Having boutique candy chocolates may not be in a better position to offer significant competition with the ones manufactured at large quantities in terms of production scale, distribution, figures in sales. But this should not be a big bother to the small confectionary business operator.As the business manager and owner, one would be able to order chocolate products from suppliers of higher quality thus able to conch the candies longer leading to a better and smoother consistency as well as a good flavor. The chocolates would not be using soy lecithin or extraneous preservatives such as not letting extra sugar or milk fat to be coming between the customers of the candies and the candies' taste. To start the business one need a few capital such a few thousand dollars (say five thousand dollars). This would be sufficient since the production materials and equipment would be cheap. The materials would include milk, sugar, nuts, flowers, Ganges delta, and honey as well as preserved fruit.The equipment and facilities include candy bouquet and gift basket, online candy store, fondue café, gift shop, tea and coffee house. ...
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