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Maison Bouygues

It is irrefutable that amidst the effort of companies to deliver the value which they have chosen to impart, there have been discrepancies with these two. The tactical aspect of marketing often does not fully embody what has been strategically formulated. In line with this, this paper looks at the value creation within MB, identifying the value that it chooses and how it provides this value to its clientele. At the end, this paper will give further recommendations on how value creation can be enhanced through the alignment of strategic and tactical marketing.
As with any business organization, MB's strategic aspect of marketing is comprised of its segmentation, targeting, and positioning. The company's identification of the value that it wants to provide is rationally through identifying its customers and their specific needs and wants and specifically pinpointing what image the company wants to build in the mind of its customers.
Among these client groups, the New Anxious represents approximately 25% of the company's customers. This segment, having the least income (average is FF12, 700), demands the most value for their hard-earned money for their first homes. ...
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Both the managerial and societal definitions of marketing stress one of the primary goals of business organizations-the delivery of customer value. Value in marketing can be defined by both qualitative and quantitative measures. On the qualitative aspect, "value is the perceived gain composed of individual's emotional, mental and physical condition plus various social, economic, cultural and environmental factors" (Value Based Marketing 2007)…
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