Greece Economy

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Project 2: For a currency of your choice and a date that you select, plot the Treasury yield curve and comment on its shape. Assess with an example as to whether (synthesized) forward rates can be useful in predicting future spot rates
Finance has a great significance in every country's development and progress.


World wars and other local wars highly affect a market and it gives a bad impact on currency and bond of country. They badly affect on asset pricing. During Second World War it has been observed that bond prices of Australia, Japan and United States were badly affected. Other historical events also have a great significance on bonds and other assets. Important events urging U.S civil war has also showed a great impact on bond pricing and asset pricing. Wars highly affect markets and capitals as a result of which bond pricing and assets pricing faces downfall. The New York central exchange is one of the largest bond markets in world and its number of traded issues increased from 1000 to 6000. Currency has a great significance in country's economy. In past few years U.S dollar has faced lots of rise and downfall, same its rise and downfall highly affects U.S economy. Every currency's value and its related factors have direct impact on country's economy. In the past few years, U.S dollar has been declining and facing troubles in international market with which U.S current account deficit has expanded. U.S. dollar declining and current deficit are linked together tightly. Internal and external environment highly affect on country's currency. Same in case of U.S. ...
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