The Impact of Financial Crisis on Honda

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The proposed research will investigate the interrelationship of the present financial crisis, on Honda car Manufacturers. The project aim is to gauge the scope to which financial crisis impact on continued business success. The major reasons for the project is that it is hoped that the knowledge gained from the project will be deployable across different industries and also possibly provide a framework for future work on how to further improve organizational performance at the time of a financial crisis in most industries.


The descriptive method of research is adopted. Accordingly, Creswell (1994) stated that the descriptive method of research is to gather information about the present existing condition. The emphasis is on describing rather than on judging or interpreting. The aim of descriptive research is to verify formulated hypotheses that refer to the present situation in order to elucidate it. For this study, the descriptive research method was employed in order to identify impact of competence and sustainability in the automotive industry of Honda. This study looks at the success that Honda Corporation has had in managing social capital in its supply chain. Using self-report surveys from 120 participants at a Honda-sponsored supplier competition, researchers find that those people who participate in quality-teams report that they are more satisfied with their work, feel that they improved the effectiveness of their company, and continue to offer suggestions to improve their supplier's operations.
Resources that are valuable especially human resources, rare, and can be exploited by the organization can produce sustained competitive advantage and ear ...
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