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London Borough of Hackney

It is anticipated that this move will greatly catalyse economic development in Hackney. Generally, Hackney has experienced a big transformation, hence leading to a removal of some of the negative stereotypes attributed to the city. It has in the recent past become a centre of attraction for a number of creative industries.
Hackney has seen its GCSE grades increase by an estimated 50 per cent increase in the recent past. The emergence of numerous specialist schools has raised prospects in the borough's education. The borough has in the past lacked specialists in various fields due to its economic hardships.
However, the borough continues to have a high number of adult without education. Hope therefore lies in the new upcoming generation. Moreover, the existing education schemes in the borough have not done much in increasing employment opportunities. Consequently, the number of people with appropriate skills that can offer them gainful employment is very low. This has led to a very low income flowing into the borough from other parts of England.
On the other hand, there is a lot of hope for the borough following the emerging trend of a growing number of qualified professionals, especially those of level 4. Moreover, the recent infrastructure development is increasingly attracting many firms into the borough. ...
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Hackney is a London Borough located on the eastern side of the city. This borough is usually considered among the boroughs with a great cultural diversification but greatly deprived. It was declared the most deprived borough in England in 2004, with all wards in the borough being in the 10 per cent most deprived wards in England…
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